Shawn Rabban in Los Angeles

As a Hard Money Loan specialist based in Los Angeles, California, our main focus is delivering prompt and adaptable financing options to real estate investors. Our deep understanding of the local market and efficient loan procedures enable us to empower investors to capitalize on opportunities and realize their financial objectives. We provide Borrowers with the finest loan programs, delivering highly competitive rates and terms and efficient and professional service. Our team is readily accessible to address inquiries and provide assistance to our Borrowers around the clock. We employ innovative thinking and are consistently willing to surpass expectations. Our primary focus lies in finding resolutions rather than dwelling on issues.

We act as representatives and managers of funds belonging to private individuals. These funds are then invested in the mortgages that we originate for our Borrowers. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals who handle the processing and funding. Our utmost desire is to assist our Borrowers in successfully attaining their desired objectives. We show strong willpower and never give up as we work hard to get the money needed for our customer’s loans. Our dedication to our business is evident to our borrowers. City Capital Realty holds a valid license issued by the California Department of Real Estate

Throughout my two decades of experience in the industry, I have come to understand that knowledge holds great significance. Accurate and current information serves as a fundamental element in facilitating sound decision-making. With this in mind, I have meticulously compiled many booklets to empower real estate professionals and investors, allowing them to easily access the necessary information for successful financial choices.