When Do Mortgage Brokers Need a License?

Mortgage Brokers help people get home loans, but they need a license to operate legally. They have to get a license to start their career, depending on state-specific rules, and keep it to be updated in their job.


3 LEADING situations that a Mortgage Broker needs a license are listed below:

  1. Getting a License to Start
  2. Depending on State-Specific Rules
  3. Keeping the License to Continue


1. Getting a License to Start

Firstly, Mortgage Brokers need to get a license before they can start working.

They should generally consider:

  1. Education: Complete pre-licensing courses.
  2. Exams: Pass the SAFE Mortgage Loan Originator Test.
  3. Background checks: Undergo criminal history and credit checks.
  4. Application: Apply through the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System (NMLS).

These steps make sure brokers are knowledgeable and trustworthy.


2. Depending on State-Specific Rules

Also, depending on different rules from state to state, they need to pay attention to:

  1. State exams: Some states have their own additional exams.
  2. Continuing education: Brokers must take ongoing courses to keep their license.
  3. State regulations: Each state has unique laws for brokers.

Brokers must basically follow the specific rules of the state they work in.


3. Keeping the License to Continue

Once they have a license, brokers must keep it up to date by:

  1. Renewals: Licenses usually need to be renewed every year.
  2. Continuing education: Brokers must complete a certain number of education hours each year.
  3. Record keeping: Keep accurate records of transactions and education credits.

This ensures brokers undoubtedly stay current with industry changes and standards.




Mortgage Brokers need a license to ensure they are markedly qualified and trustworthy. From getting the license to following state rules, keeping it up to date, and understanding the risks of not having one, these requirements protect both brokers and their clients. Always check that your broker is properly licensed to ensure your financial safety, in particular.