Who Should I Ask for Mortgage Broker Recommendations?

Finding a good Mortgage Broker can really help your home-buying journey. Knowing who to ask for recommendations can make this easier. Some sources are friends and family, real estate agents, financial advisors, online reviews and forums, professional associations, and past clients of brokers.


6 MAIN sources that you should ask for Mortgage Broker recommendations are outlined below:

  1. Friends and Family
  2. Real Estate Agents
  3. Financial Advisors
  4. Online Reviews and Forums
  5. Professional Associations
  6. Past Clients of Brokers


1. Friends and Family

Firstly, your personal network is a great place to start.

You should generally ask:

  1. Homeowners: Friends or family who’ve recently bought a home can share their experiences.
  2. Trustworthy Sources: People you trust will give honest feedback about their brokers.
  3. Varied Perspectives: Different experiences help you make a better decision.


2. Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents also work closely with Mortgage Brokers.

They can specifically recommend:

  1. Trusted Partners: Agents usually have reliable brokers they work with.
  2. Local Experts: Brokers who know the local market well.
  3. Experienced Professionals: Agents often know brokers with a good track record.


3. Financial Advisors

Moreover, your financial advisor can be a valuable resource for recommendations.

They basically offer:

  1. Professional Insight: Advisors understand your finances and can suggest suitable brokers.
  2. Vetted Recommendations: They know brokers who provide excellent service.
  3. Holistic Advice: They ensure the broker fits your overall financial plan.


4. Online Reviews and Forums

The internet is certainly full of resources for finding Mortgage Brokers.

Basically, check out:

  1. Review Sites: Websites like Yelp and Google Reviews have user feedback.
  2. Mortgage Forums: Online communities where people share their broker experiences.
  3. Social Media Groups: Facebook groups where members discuss mortgage experiences.


5. Professional Associations

Professional organizations can additionally help you find qualified brokers.

Surely, look for:

  1. Industry Websites: Mortgage broker associations often have directories.
  2. Certified Brokers: Associations list brokers who meet certain standards.
  3. Events and Seminars: Attend industry events to meet brokers.


6. Past Clients of Brokers

People who’ve used a broker before can undoubtedly provide valuable insights.

Because they markedly got:

  1. Firsthand Experiences: Detailed accounts of working with specific brokers.
  2. Service Quality: Information about the broker’s communication and reliability.
  3. Outcome Satisfaction: Whether they were happy with the mortgage terms and process.



When looking for a Mortgage Broker, asking the right people for recommendations is significantly key. Friends and family, real estate agents, financial advisors, online reviews, professional associations, and past clients can all undoubtedly provide valuable insights. Gathering information from these sources basically helps you find a trustworthy broker suited to your needs.